“When It” to Win It!

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Date(s) - 03/22/16
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Lock-n-Load Virtual Shooting Range Education and Training Center


“When it” to Win It

Trident Firearms Academy LLC has partnered with Lock-n-Load Virtual Shooting Range to help you “Train the Brain”! Utilizing state of the art technology with the Shoot / Don’t Shoot simulators at VSR, we can help you answer that question, “What would or should I do if this happens?” Presenting the student with various scenarios that play out on a giant screen, the student must make proper decisions as to shoot or not shoot, movement to cover, use of verbal commands and challenge commands, etc. We will then critique each scenario. Using this technology we can put the student through home invasions, street robberies, carjackings, and many other possible situations. Best of all, while learning the proper and legal way to deal with these issues the student cannot be sued, prosecuted, or bleed. Students will utilize the laser SIRT firearms that pulse a laser shot with each press of the trigger. No live guns are allowed in the facility for safety. So many times during our training students will ask the question, “What if this were to happen?” Come join us for a fun and very informative class that helps you train the brain and be prepared to answer that very question.

The training will be held at the expansive Lock-n-Load Virtual Shooting Range Education and Training Center located at 3500 Sisk Road Suite F-2 in Modesto, just past the Vintage Faire Mall next to Baby’s R Us.


6 Seats Available

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