Extreme Close Quarters Defensive Handgun

Extreme Close Quarters Defensive Handgun

One Day - 8 Hours (8:00 am to 5:00 pm – The location of this class may change, pay attention to the location listed when you sign up for the class)

Statistically, gunfights occur at close range and very quickly. Many people gain their perception of gunfights from television and movies. Do you want to learn how to WIN in an up close and personal gunfight?

Students in this course will learn:

  • Getting the gun into the fight quickly
  • Flash sight fire v. Sighted fire (Not “Point Shooting”)
  • Movement in the kill zone - Forward, Backwards and Laterally
  • Own the zone - The 3 zones of close quarters gun fighting
  • Distraction and incapacitation techniques
  • One handed firing techniques
  • Avoiding gun take away issues
  • Wolves travel in packs - fighting multiple assailants
  • Malfunction clearing techniques
  • Finish the fight mindset - “Sheepdog UP!”
  • Moving threat and charging threat issues

Students wishing to take this course should have a good grounding in basic handgun usage. This course is NOT for the novice shooter.

Cost is $200.00 per student


This IS an advanced handgun class so we require a previous Trident Firearms class, 832 Firearms Course or another handgun course through a reputable company that would show weapon proficiency.


  • Any semi-auto handgun of 9mm caliber or larger, or any revolver of .38 caliber or larger, NO single action "Western/Cowboy" style revolvers please
  • A minimum of two magazines or two speed loaders is required, although more is always better
  • 250 (+/-) rounds of handgun ammunition
  • A good holster and single or double magazine pouch or speed loader pouch.
  • Strong side holsters please
  • No fanny packs, cross-draw or shoulder holsters please
  • The holster must have the ability to re-holster the handgun with one hand
  • Eye and ear protection (Can be provided by Trident Firearms Academy if you do not have your own)
  • Eye protection MUST be full wrap around style
  • Long pants only please
  • No shorts
  • No open toe shoes, sandals, etc.


  • Good footwear that offers ankle support is recommended
  • A ball cap or similar type cap with a brim is REQUIRED for safety reasons
  • Knee pads are always a good thing
  • We recommend cargo style pants like Blackhawk or 5.11 style or military BDUs with the bellow pockets to hold additional ammunition and equipment