Welcome to Trident Firearms Academy!

The Trident for us symbolizes our three pronged approach to training:

  1. What we teach must be safe. There are no second chances with safety.
  2. There must be economy of motion, fast, in what we teach. Gun fights are not long events. If you are in a gun fight "Get it out! Get it on! Get it over!"
  3. Lastly does it work in the real world, including low light conditions. The square range mentality can get you killed. Self defense shootings do not occur on shooting ranges, they happen in real world U.S.A. We feel you need to be prepared for that.

Remember, self defense is a "Thinking person's game."

About Trident Firearms Academy

Trident Truths; Most people put all of their effort into Marksmanship, however marksmanship alone is insufficient in a deadly force encounter. Gun handling, the ability to get a firearm into a fight quickly and efficiently, coupled with proper Mindset to win a lethal encounter completes the three pronged approach of the Trident in firearms training. We can give you the skill and the will to win those encounters. We at Trident Firearms Academy, LLC believe that one is none and that you must be properly trained in real world encounters. Based on these beliefs Trident Firearms Academy, LLC is able to provide cost effective real world up to date training for the military, law enforcement, security and citizens. Whether you are a citizen concerned with home/personal protection or a tactical operator, Trident Firearms Academy, LLC has classes geared to your needs and environment at a reasonable cost.

Trident Truths for Civilian Courses

Our classes are not Airborne Ranger School, SEAL training, etc. Nobody is going to be screaming at you or making demands of you. We will challenge you but if you don't feel comfortable doing a drill, no problem. Go at your pace, have FUN, and learn. That is what we are about.

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