About Us

About Trident Firearms Academy, LLC

Trident Firearms Academy uses a "Triad" approach to our training.

Gun Handling

The ability to safely handle a firearm and efficiently get it into a fight, quickly, is important! Trident teaches, and demands, safe gun handling.


The majority of people put most of their effort into marksmanship. This, alone, is insufficient in a deadly force encounter, however, if you can't hit your target, you can't win your fight. We teach teach marksmanship at a basic and advanced level.


Mindset is difficult to teach. We can give you the skill needed to win an encounter; while skill is an important aspect of a deadly force encounter, mindset will determine the outcome. Let us, at Trident Firearms Academy, help you build the mindset necissary to survive in the real world.


Based on these beliefs, Trident Firearms Academy is able to provide cost effective, real world, up to date training for the military, law enforcement, security officers, and citizens. Whether you are a citizen concerned with home and personal protection or a tactical operatior, we have classes geared towards your needs and environment at a reasonable cost.

Our Instructors

Daniel R. Gray

Turlock Police Sergeant, Ret.

President / Lead Instructor

Gene Whisenand

Private Investigator

Lead Instructor