Defensive Shotgun

Defensive Shotgun

Defensive Shotgun

One-Day Class8 Hours (8:00 am to 5:00

Want to take your knowledge and abilities to the next level with your shotgun? This course is not about bird hunting. It’s not about trap or skeet shooting. Defensive Shotgun is about the defensive and offensive use of the shotgun in realistic, rapidly evolving, use of deadly force scenarios.

Come join us for training with the tactical shotgun covering the following topics:

  • Quick and Effective Manipulation of the Shotgun
  • Indoor Ready Position for Cornering and Slicing the Pie Techniques
  • Eyes, Muzzle, Target position for Searching with the Shotgun
  • Combat Loading Techniques Under Stress
  • Ready Position and Low Ready Fighting Positions
  • Proper Stance and “Toe in the Hole” mounting of the Shotgun
  • Learn the Beauty of Bouncing Bullets
  • Clearing Malfunctions during the Fight
  • Shotgun to Handgun Transition Techniques
  • Shoot, Move, Communicate. The ABC’s of Tactical Communication
  • Fighting Multiple Threats
  • Use of Specialty Loads and the Versatility of the Shotgun
  • Weapon Retention Techniques
  • Use of Cover and Concealment with the Shotgun
  • Tactical Movement Forward, Rearward, and Laterally

$200.00 Tuition per Student

Equipment you NEED:

  • Any Semi-Auto or Pump Shotgun (No single shot, bolt action, double barrel shotguns please)
  • A handgun (with a holster and spare magazines) (For Shotgun to Handgun Transitions)
  • A magazine carrier or two
  • 250 rounds Birdshot
  • 15 rounds 00 buck
  • 25 rounds slug
  • 100 rounds for your handgun
  • Eye and Ear protection (Can be provided by Trident Firearms if you do not have your own)
  • Eye protection MUST be full wrap around style
  • A ball cap or similar type cap with a brim is required
  • NO open toe shoes, sandals, etc.
  • Long pants (NO SHORTS)

Equipment we RECOMMEND:

  • We strongly recommend a concealable holster for your chosen handgun and a cover garment
  • Good footwear that offers ankle support is recommended
  • Cargo style pants (5.11 type or military BDU with the bellows pockets to hold additional rounds is always useful
  • A pouch that will attach to your belt that can hold additional shells would be highly desirable if you don’t have cargo pocket style pants.
  • An open mind and a willingness to learn!

*NOTE; If using a semi-auto shotgun, you will need “high base” rounds. Most semi-auto guns will not cycle low base shells. We would recommend the “Low Recoil” loads offered by the major manufactures for the 00 buck and Slug rounds, as it just takes more of the felt recoil out of the equation. Birdshot need only be #8 dove loads for training.