Red Dot Sight for Defensive Handgun

RDS for Defensive Handgun

Red Dot Sight for Defensive Handgun

Red Dot Sights (RDS) on pistols have been around for quite awhile in the competition world; however, only recently have they become more engaged in the defensive handgun world. A great deal of hand gunners are installing them on the firearms without understanding how they are actually used, or the benefit that can be derived from using one. A RDS on a pistol is a complete mind shift form standard iron sights. If you have recently installed a RDS on your pistol, or revolver, than you owe it to yourself to train with, and learn the intricacies of the RDS. Speed to target acquisition, marksmanship, and gun-handling are different, and unique with the RDS. Come to Trident Firearms Academy to learn the tactics, techniques, and skills necessary to take you to the next level with the advantages provided by the RDS.

One day class (8 Hours - 0800 to 1700)

Some of the topics to be covered in class are:

  • Red Dot Sight theory
  • Use of back up iron sights
  • Weapon manipulation with mounted optics
  • Dealing with parallax and occluded optics
  • Alternate aiming techniques
  • Using weapon mounted light or handheld flashlights with the RDS
  • Conducting advanced drills for honing skills
  • Grip and sight acquisition form the holster

Required Equipment/Gear

  • Pistol (or Revolver) with RDS
  • Three Magazines (or speed strips)
  • 300 (+/-) round of ammunition
  • Handheld flashlight
  • Hat with a brim
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Weather appropriate clothing and gear (No shorts or open toed shoes)
  • Plenty of drinking water

Recommended Equipment/Gear

  • A folding chair
  • Single or double magazine pouch
  • A holster able to hold your weapon with a RDS mounted
  • Cargo style pants with ample pockets to hold additional ammunition, and gear
  • An open mind, and a willingness to learn

Tuition: $200