Shotgun Combatives

Shotgun Combatives

Shotgun Combatives

One-Day Class - 8 Hours (8:00 am to 5:00 pm - Livingston Police Department Shooting Range - 1675 Bird Street, Livingston, CA 95334)

It’s time to take your training with a shotgun to the next level with the TFA Shotgun Combatives Course. This isn’t the fundamentals and a learn how to shoot course. This is designed for the operator and citizen who want to learn more about the capabilities and tactical application of the shotgun for home or personal defense. The Shotgun Combatives Course will cover;

  • Quick refresher on Low Ready, Eyes Muzzle Target, and Indoor Ready defensive carry positions. Transition from shotgun to handgun, Tactical Reloading/Sustain Loading, Combat Loading, and Loading to Home Defense Safe/Ready Positions
  • Multiple Target Drill
  • Forward and Rearward Movement
  • Cover and Concealment Drills, Slicing the Pie Searches
  • Running Threat Drill
  • Positions of Kneeling, (Speed, Double, Braced)
  • Pivots and Turns
  • Slug Transition drill
  • Transition to Support Side Shoulder
  • Clay Target/Communication 2 Person Team Drill
  • Bouncing Bullets
  • Firing through windshield glass and vehicle door demonstrations

Steel, Paper, and Running Threat target systems will all be utilized in these drills.

So come and join us at TFA for some “Runnin and Gunnin” Shotgun Training!

$175.00 per Student


This IS an advanced shotgun class so we require a previous Trident Firearms class (Defensive or Tactical Shotgun), 832 Firearms Course or another course through a reputable company that would show weapon proficiency.

Equipment you NEED -

  • A pump action or semi auto shotgun
  • 250 Rounds of Birdshot (#8 or #6 shot)
  • 25 Rounds of Slugs
  • 15 Rounds of 00 Buck
  • Hearing Protection (Can be provided by Trident Firearms Academy, LLC if you do not have your own)
  • Eye Protection (Can be provided by Trident Firearms Academy, LLC if you do not have your own)
  • No Open Toe Shoes
  • A ball cap or similar type cap with a brim is REQUIRED for safety reasons
  • Long pants only please

Equipment we Recommend:

  • Handgun is Optional - If you are going to bring one, you will need a holster and 50 rounds maximum of handgun ammo
  • Good footwear that offers ankle support is recommended
  • Kneepads are always a good thing
  • No shorts
  • We recommend cargo style pants like Blackhawk or 5.11 style or military BDUs with the bellow pockets to hold additional ammunition and equipment
  • An open mind and a willingness to learn!

IMPORTANT - There is not any drinkable water at the site, please bring ample amounts of fluids with you. There are places to eat within a ten-minute drive but you can bring your lunch with you to the range.